Comparing Versions: Trial Xtreme 1, 2, and 3

One of the most popular games on Google Play and the Apple App Store, Trial Xtreme is a realistic dirt biker game. Trial Xtreme is one of the few apps that is still improving by the time it gets to the third version. I highly recommend any one of these versions, although I would say that TX2 is the worst one of the three. I will review Trial Xtreme 1 first:

tx1 logo

TX1 is the most realistic in terms of the controls you have. You have 4 controls:
accelerate, brake, and tilting forward and backward. You can choose whether to control tilt with buttons or by tilting the device. While TX2 and TX3 have a jump button for extra height going off ramps and hopping over obstacles, TX1 does not. TX1 is also the only version to have a speedometer. Obstacles and objectives include pipes, rings, ramps, logs, tilting girders, tires, rocks, and mud pits. TX1 has 15 levels in the free version on Google Play. If you are using an iOS device, feel free to comment to say how many it has.

tx2 logo

TX2 added a couple of things: barrels of dynamite, and a jump button. The speedometer was also removed in this version. TX2 is my least favorite, mostly because of the dynamite, which they conveniently put at the bottoms of ramps so you explode when you try to go on the ramp. There is also an annoying woman who signals you when to go. In my opinion, TX2 is good as a transition between TX1 and TX3, with some features from both. Obstacles include logs, ramps, jumps, pipes, rings, rocks, and dynamite. However, I would not download it if I had an option to download one of the other two. TX2 has 40 levels in five environments.

tx3 logo

Now my personal favorite, TX3. Trial Xtreme 3 combines the best of TX1 and TX2 to create what is probably the best biker game in app history. TX3 also has a lot of downloads! TX3 has over 50 million downloads! TX3 added a lot of leeway for customizing your character, as well as three different bikes to choose from. There are three stars in each level, and you get ‘money’ for collecting the stars. That ‘money’ can be spent in the in-app store to buy clothing, helmets, boots, bikes, and paint schemes. I am not completely sure how the app decides how to give you money for each star, but from my experience I have concluded that it bases it on your time and how many tricks you do.

TX3 is also much nicer with bombs and other obstacles. The bombs are not at the bottoms of ramps and so you don’t have to be so careful when you are playing. Obstacles include ramps, pipes, rings, jumps, fans, flaming barrels, tilting girders, tires, wood fences, vehicles, and boxes. TX3 has 32 free levels in six environments, and you can purchase more for each environment (there are 112 levels total).

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