We’re Moving! Handz Studioz Goes Self-Hosted

This has been in planning for quite some time…we’ve gone self-hosted. Now you can find us at http://www.handzstudioz.com/!

There are a few things we’d like to highlight/inform you about this move:

  • The URL is a bit different. Besides being self-hosted (i.e. dropping “.wordpress”), the URL is now handzstudioz, not handzstudio.
  • If you’re currently subscribed to us through email, we won’t leave you hanging, don’t worry! We have migrated our email subscribers over to the new site via the Jetpack plugin, so you’ll continue to get notifications about our posts if you’re subscribed.
  • All new content will be posted on the new website, so head over there for our new stuff. This site will remain on the internet and all old posts will be kept here (although this site may be set to automatically redirect once users have time to adjust to our new location). In addition to that, all of the old posts you can find here on this site have been transferred (copied) to the new site).
  • The new site has been changed a bit. It looks nearly identical, but it’s slightly different. An example is we have a new favicon (tab image) for the new site.

Thanks so much for checking us out! Be sure to subscribe via email (you can do that on this site, or the new one, but consider checking out the new site and subscribing while you’re there) to be notified whenever we release a new post!

Handz Studioz

http://www.handzstudioz.com/ (previously http://www.handzstudio.wordpress.com/)


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