Welcome to Handz Studioz!

PLEASE NOTE: We’ve moved! Check us out at our new (self-hosted) site: http://www.handzstudioz.com/

Handz Studioz seeks to provide you with, as it says in our mission statement, “Handz-on discussion on electronics and more.” Our goal is to give comprehensive, relevant reviews, opinions, facts, and more on cutting edge technology. On the pages of Handz Studioz you can find posts about the newest gadgets, like the iPhone 6 from Apple; digital storage, such as the M-Disc; or just about anything related to the cutting edge tech of the 21st Century.

Since its start in June 2013, Handz Studioz has grown from reaching one or two friends to reaching many people from all over the world who are interested in the information about cutting edge tech that we have to offer. Handz Studioz posts on the weekends, with any necessary posts throughout the week; the trending tech right now is Apple, what else? Check those out on our Blog Posts page!

Please follow Handz Studioz and share our posts with others in your community! It’s completely free and your support really helps; your information will never be made public.


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